8 Fun things about me!

My best photo till date. Taken by a friend.

Hello World,

Before you start wondering about the purpose of existence, here are some fun things about me. I am, on good days, some of the following and on bad days, all of the following:

  • Electrical Engineer who cannot fix your electrical problems, cannnot even fix my own problems!
  • Obnoxiously overwhelmed with prolonged exposure to people. Wait, not obnoxious, just overwhelmed.
  • Do not like being in the kitchen, especially when there are people bossing me about how what I am doing is obviously wrong. Folks, please be telling me something I don’t know!
  • Great starter of things. The only things I ever ended was my career as an electric engineer and others’ appetite by cooking.
  • Jack of many trades, master of none, is better than being master of just one – true story.
  • Not a multitasker, can NOT do two things at once. Eternally jealous of people who can read a book while sipping tea. Also of people who can read in moving vehicles. Teach me your ways!
  • Forever creating and forever deprieved of sleep as my bed is overflowing with art stuff and mind with ideas that can not go anywhere else.
  • Would dearly love to have a friend who can take as good photos of me as I take of my friends – if not better.

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