Am I secretly happy?

Art by thepreetidas

What does love feel like? I mean outside of poetry, prose, songs and movies? What does an ‘everyday love’ feel like?

How does it feel, really? When you have got everything you ever wished for? When you are no longer heartbroken? When you are not pining after anyone or anything?

How do you get to feel all the feelings when you can no longer relate to sad songs? When you still appreciate a ‘broken hearted’ song but can no longer picture yourself in it?

Is the absence of sadness – happiness? Am I secretly happy? Do you really have to feel all the feelings? Is it possible to have lived a full and happy life when you never (not even once) felt the need to go on your rooftop and shout to the world – “I am happy”?

How can anyone be sure that a happy person who is constantly talking about being happy, is actually happy? Could they be trying to convince others and more importantly, themselves, that they are happy? Are they still happy if they need to be convinced that they are happy?

Is being content same as being happy? Can being content be also a way of not living your life to its full potential? Could it be settling for less? And just how do you know that you have reached your potential and can now simply enjoy its benefits?

Is there ever anything like a peak potential for a person? Can it change from time to time? Could you reach your peak and then stumble on to another peak? Can there be people who overshoot their potential? Are those people happy? Could people overshoot their potential and still be unhappy? Are there people whose potential is not a peak but a decline? Can potential be a valley?

Is there a handbook to life?

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