Book review: Pyjamas are forgiving by Twinkle Khanna

Pyjamas may be forgiving, but poor plot, truly is not. This was not Twinkle Khanna’s best work. Please do not make this the first book of hers you read. You would walk away with the feeling that she is an average writer, but she is not. She is a good one, just not with this book. I suppose, we should allow for some variance in the quality of writing for all authors.

Overall, the book started somewhat promising, then went the way of Chetan Bhagat (read terribly unoriginal) and then at the end managed to redeem itself – but only just so. The only good thing about this book is the protagonist. I, as a woman, could not fully relate to her, but I was very much aware this was a real woman. She is insecure, full of mistakes and unable to let go of her naivette, irrespective of how many chances fate provides her with (plenty). She is real because I know women like her exist. Also, I have been her at one point in my life (and may still be in the future).

*Spoiler alert*

Except for the brilliant portrayal of the protagonist, there is not much else that is going on for this book. The most annoying thing about the book is the ending, where the protagonist blindly and naively (surprise!) trusts a ‘male’ doctor to be the hero and tell her truth instead of becoming a heroine herself. This is especially disappointing because the whole book has been about her journey towards the realisation that she has been blindly trusting (wrong) men her whole life.

However, I suppose this ending is also inherently true to her character. Perhaps, people can never change, no matter the circumstances or the efforts.

Overall, not a bad book. There are better books from Twinkle Khanna that I would recommend instead of this one. Mrs. Funnybone and Legend of Laxmi Prasad were both much better and should be read if you want to know the author’s true potential as a writer.

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