Flowers, Dear!

Photo by camera_trails

One Saturday afternoon, I was rudely woken up by my mother. To my surprise, there was no emergency to report. Instead, she was smiling the all-knowing smile. She was also carrying a bouquet of flowers. Intrigued by the mystery, I decided to wake up after all.

She didn’t know who the flowers were from and there was no card. There was something that resembled a card, but upon inspection turned out only to be food for the flowers. Fair enough.

I mentally went through the list of people who would send me flowers, only one name came to mind. I was very excited and fairly happy. I decided I would arrange the flowers, send them a photo and say thanks.

This bubble of excitement and happiness lasted only till I remembered signing up for a weekly flowers delivery service a couple of weeks ago. Mystery solved. The flowers were from me. To me.

This, reasonably, made me quite sad, until I realised that I could now spend my entire week looking forward to flowers next Saturday.

Saturday is now my favourite day of the week.

Also, I now wake up early on Saturdays.

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