The Magic of Midnight Pyjamas

Illustrated by Thepreetidas

There is something to be said about a guy who calls you up late at night and says – ‘Come downstairs, let’s go for some ice-cream’. To me, this has always been one of the most romantic things anyone can ever do.

I had always felt that this was the best possible way anyone could express their love for me. It is a very sweet, a very ‘come be my best friend’ kind of gesture. It says so many things:

‘I got your back.’

‘I know you well enough to know that this won’t make you mad.’

‘I really like your company.’

‘Isn’t this what best friends do?’

‘Let’s sneak away and chat.’

‘I don’t care how you look, just come.’

I really love these vibes.

So, one day in June this year, when this exact same thing happened to me it really blew my mind and I began wondering if my then boyfriend could possibly and truly be the endgame. Four months later, we are five days away from getting married. It couldn’t have played out better.

While we are on the topic of midnight, can we also talk about the magic of getting out of your house late at night in your pyjamas and just – go out? Especially in a car with a guy you trust? It feels like all the world is in your favour and the city is your home. Another feeling I never experienced before.

I have to say, this midnight pyjama outing made be feel like a cool girl. The kind who just do things without worrying too much about the consequences. It was quite very liberating to feel that way.

Anyway, here is wishing myself some more good luck!

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