Letter to my BFF on her wedding day

Illustration by thepreetidas

Dear S & I,

Congratulations on your wedding!

After this much sought after and very hard  earned achievement, you must take out some time to relax and really enjoy it. Visit us in Bangalore if you need a break 🙂

After being married for nearly 5 days, we feel qualified enough to give you guys marriage advice. Our advice is this – smile and nod, do all your poojas and be glad that you won’t have to do it again!

On a serious note, I really love how you guys bring out best in each other and use humour to navigate difficult situations. We (R&P) have never had to struggle to keep our relationship, but should a situation arise I hope we show same strength and determination as you guys! You faith in each other is the stuff love stories are made of.

I really missed out  on being there to witness your relationship begin. I hope to be there to see you guys really grow into a family!

Here is wishing you a life time of love and happiness. Take good care of each other. Laugh often, for – “a day couldn’t possibly be a waste if you have made each other laugh”. Don’t laugh at each other because as R has to constantly reminds me that’s not nice.

Lots of love,
P & R

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