2020 Fashion Trends that I can get behind!

2020 General trends. Photos from Pexel

Keeping in mind my environmental goal of 2020 (to consume less), I am trying to replace my excitement of buying new things with things that provide the same excitement without causing any additional burden on my carbon footprints.

I have read, watched and listened to everything that is out there on the fashion forecast for this year. I am now gearing up to bring those trends into my life, without buying anything new. How will this turn out? Only time can tell.

What will trend in 2020?

Categorising most of the information that I collected into three segments – General trends, clothing trends and Accessories trends, I hereby note down my findings:

General Trends

  • Polka Dots – possibly my favourite print of all times but only when the dots are fairly small
  • Pleats on everything – top, bottom, jacket. You name it, you pleat it. Not a big fan of pleats as they tend to add bulk. The only pleated thing I can like is a pleated skirt
  • Leather/Coloured leather – No leather for me
  • Logos displayed prominently – Not for me. I am afraid of getting robbed if I flaunt expensive items.
  • Denim on Denim – The only denim I own are jeans so maybe I will wear two jeans in one go
  • Crochet – I am split. I cannot think of anyway this would look good on me, but at the same time I do think crocheted things are lovely
  • Neon/Colorful/70’s prints – I am a big fan of prints but do not like them on myself. So this is a pretty easy no.
  • Pantone colour of the year: classic blue. Expect to see a lot of blue this year (fashion or otherwise)

Clothing trends

  • High waisted, wide legged jeans – yay! Who doesn’t like high waisted jeans?
  • Bermuda shorts/ Short suits/ mini skirts – Basically business suits but with Bermuda shorts or shorts instead of pants/skirts.
  • Trench with a twist – Classic trench with a twist – could be with statement sleeves, colour blocking, zipper details. Think uninhibited. I live in a tropical place, so there is no place for a tench coat in my wardrobe, but we shall still try to get creative with this.
  • Billowy dresses/ Statement Sleeves – Again, not a big fangs they tend to add bulk on my body
  • Tank tops/ braletts – Hooya! To tank tops! Not a fan of braletts
  • Polo neck, mock neck & turtleneck – Not for an apple shape like me
  • Waistcoats – I will see if I could borrow something from my husband. Although it maybe several sizes smaller and he may hide them if he reads this. Fingers crossed!
  • Oversized blazers – Not for an apple shape like me
  • Cargo pants – bring it on. There is no way I am travelling anywhere this year without wearing my cargo pants, which, yes, I bought from Men’s section last year!

Accessories trends

  • Bold jewellery – Large Gold hoop earrings, chain necklace Etc.
  • Combat boots – Big, big fan of these
  • White sneakers which look used – you mean I never have to clean my shoes and call it fashion?
  • Belt bags/Fanny packs – Nothing I love more than bags that free up my hands. But since I don’t have these I will have to give it a skip
  • Square toed shoes – bring out the super high heeled pump that I bought in 2013 and wore only twice
  • 90’s shoulder bag – basically small bag with a small handle that will not fit a single book
  • Pillow bags – Really looks like something I will definitely forget on the train

How will I be fashionable if I am not shopping?

Ah! Here comes the truly exciting part. First I made a list of trends that I actually would love love to participate in. Then I figured out which of those trends can be fulfilled by things I already own, which I can take creative liberties with and which I will have to let go of. The results if you are interested to know are as follows:

  1. High Waisted Wide legged Jeans – I own one though it may be going through its last few days
  2. Mini Skirts – I own one that I love but have worn exactly 0 times. Time to bust it out!
  3. Combat boots – Favourite type of shoes, own one that I bought last year. Although now that I think of it, it is possible that it was in stores purely because it is a trend piece. #FastFashionmistakes
  4. Unclean Sneakers – who doesn’t own one?
  5. 70’s prints – my husband owns a lot of shirts in these prints (and may I add, looks fabulous in them). I may occasionally borrow. Though, I may not get to borrow if he knows it was per-meditated
  6. Pleated skirt – would love to get a black one, but I think I may have to pass this one
  7. Polka dot – would love this, but I don’t own anything. I am thinking of maybe hand painting something I already own. What do you think?
  8. Trench with a twist – can I wear one of my shirt dresses over complete outfits and call it Trench with a twist?
  9. Tank tops – I own a couple of them but never wear them outside the comfort of my home, it is time to show them the world
  10. Square toed shoe – Own one pair of high heels from 2013, I may end up wearing these shoes a couple of more times

What do you think about the trends this year? Would you be excited to try some of these trends from pieces you already own? Let me know!

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